22 FasDeck ESX

22 FasDeck ESX | Overview

The 22 FasDeck ESX’s unique blend of style, performance and features has made this Regal legendary. There are those who follow trends and those that create them. There is no question where the 22 FasDeck ESX stands. Just look around.

  • FasTrac Hull Design

    The FasTrac Hull gives you more control on the water, with up to 26% faster speeds, and at the fuel pump, with up to 30% better fuel efficiency.

    FasTrac Hull Design
  • Social Seating

    Face forward or aft to see the action on the water or in the boat.

    Social Seating | 22 FasDeck ESX
  • Transom Bench Seating

    Whether rafted up, beached or anchored, the full size transom bench seat provides a panoramic view with great comfort.

    Transom Bench Seating | 22 FasDeck ESX
  • Oversized Bow Seating

    Enjoy more room to stretch out and soak up the sun.

    Oversized Bow Seating | 22 FasDeck ESX
  • Transom Walk-Thru

    Board effortlessly without having to move any cushions.

    Transom Walk-Thru | 22 FasDeck ESX
  • Handcrafted Upholstery

    The 22 FasDeck features handcrafted upholstery, stainless accents and expanded seating to accommodate your needs.

    Handcrafted Upholstery | 22 FasDeck ESX