2800 | Overview

  • FasTrac Hull Design

    The FasTrac Hull gives you more control on the water, with up to 26% faster speeds, and at the fuel pump, with up to 30% better fuel efficiency.

    FasTrac Hull Design
  • Fusion UD750 Marine Stereo

    The Fusion radio has full integration for your smart phone, which can be enclosed in a waterproof uni-dock, and has AM/FM radio capabilities.

    Fusion UD750 Marine Stereo
  • Premium Helm

    Hand-wrapped, hand-stitched vinyl meets sleek metals to please the hand and eye.

    Premium Helm | 2800
  • Luxury Interior

    Rich in comfort and amenities to expand the options for utility and smiles.

    Luxury Interior | 2800 - 29 OBX
  • Optional PowerPlatform

    With the touch of a button, gently submerse the platform underwater for easier water and boat entry.

    Optional PowerPlatform | 2800
  • Enclosed Full-Size Head

    A well crafted, upscale head with dark cherry cabinetry, vessel sink and incredible space for privacy and functionality.

    Enclosed Full-Size Head | 2800 - 29 OBX