28 Express

28 Express | Overview

The trailer friendly 8’ 6” beam gives you the freedom to explore. The 28 Express’ largest in class head compartment, queen size mid cabin and most cockpit seating just help you explore more comfortably.

  • UltraLounge

    The UltraLounge creates the most versatile transom in its class.

    UltraLounge | 28 ex
  • Queen Sized Berth

    A full queen sized berth is something you have come to expect, but only from Regal.

    Queen Sized Berth | 28 ex
  • Hull Side Picture Windows

    You might forget that you are in the salon with the amount of light you get from the hull side picture windows.

    Hull Side Picture Windows | 28 Ex
  • Largest-In-Class Head

    The largest-in-class head features 6-foot head room, black cherry cabinetry, a dedicated shower, and solid surface counter tops.

    Largest-In-Class Head | 28 EX Advantage
  • PowerTower

    Folding your tower is as quick as a touch of a button.

    PowerTower | 28 Express
  • Fusion UD650 Marine Stereo

    The Fusion radio has full integration for your smart phone, which can be enclosed in a waterproof uni-dock or connected via Bluetooth and has AM/FM/ radio capabilities.

    Fusion UD650 Marine Stereo| in cabin